IBM Netezza Replication Services, Version 1.6

Example 1: Virtual components for a proof of concept (POC) or small deployment

This “no-hardware” configuration, consisting of a VM host, public switch, and iSCSI SAN, is especially well suited for small sites or test systems where existing resources can be used. To the Netezza® system, the VM appears to be a single stand-alone server with onboard storage.

Figure 1. VM host with networked storage array
The diagram shows a VM host with a networked storage array.
Use the following information to help to understand the virtual architecture configuration:
  • The connections between the NPS® host and the replication log server should be private. The configuration can support reuse of existing public links, although such a setup suffers in terms of performance and security. Ideally, use such a configuration only in a limited-use situation, such as a test environment or POC.
  • IBM® Netezza Replication Services version 1.6 requires that the log storage partition be an ext4-formatted, LUN-mounted block device.
  • The storage and connection to the SAN appear to a connecting system as a physical server with storage. The virtual nature is hidden from view as part of the underlying VM environment for the server.
  • The virtual network adapters that make up the VM connections are configured and function the same as those that would be needed for a real physical server.
  • The performance that is achieved by this configuration depends on the specifications and capabilities of the environment in which the VM is hosted (for example, the disk write speed and network).
  • A maintenance connection to the VM likely already exists as part of the VM management software.
  • Connections to the Netezza system can be direct or can be through a 10 Gb private or shared switch. If you use a shared public switch, take precautions regarding the security of the data. Typically, a virtual configuration with a public switch is used only as part of a POC.
  • It is a best practice to configure bonded, redundant links (NICs) to the Netezza hosts. In a VM configuration, the virtual machine monitor (hypervisor) controls the NICs.