REST APIs definitions

The REST API layer is a set of APIs to access entities in the IBM® Product Master, Version 12.0.

REST APIs follow the security model based on the user roles and ACGs, and require the same set of access permissions as the Persona-based UI interface.

The documentation for each REST API contains information such as URLs, parameters, descriptions, sample input, and output data.

Following table lists the supported components:

Component REST API description
Authentication APIs for login and logout.
Collaboration Area APIs for operations on the collaboration areas entries like create, update entries, export, or import.
Catalog APIs for operations on the catalog items like create, update items, checkout, or export.
Hierarchy APIs for fetching hierarchy details.
Category APIs for operations on the categories like create, update, or move.
Search APIs for item and category search along with support for saved searches and templates.
Selection APIs to create and view items in a static selection.
Audit History APIs for fetching audit history details.
Digital Asset Management APIs for managing assets in the DAM repository and linking the assets to items.
Free Text Search APIs for supporting free text search on items and categories.
Scripts APIs for operations on the entry preview and trigger scripts.
REST API for the Product Master supports Basic authentication. You should use the login API to generate a JSON Web Token (JWT). Authorization header should contain Base 64 encoded username:password. X-Company header should contain a valid company.

Login API

Method GET
URL /api/v1/login
Request headers

Authorization: Basic <Base 64 encoded username:password>

X-Company: yourcompany

Response headers X-AuthToken response header contains a valid JWT token on successful login. You should use the JWT token that is obtained after a successful login as a Bearer Authorization token and specify a valid X-Company header when making API calls.

Logout API

Method POST
URL /api/login
Request headers

Authorization: Bearer <JWT obtained on successful login >

X-Company: yourcompany

Common Error codes

Status code Generic description
400 Bad Request or Invalid Input.
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
500 Internal Server Error

For more detailed information on the REST APIs, see the REST API documentation.