What's new in IBM Process Mining 1.14.4

Learn about the new or changed features in IBM Process Mining 1.14.4.

Prescriptive Process Mining

The Prescriptive Process Mining feature is currently offered as a technology preview with limited support and might be subjected to changes.

Prescriptive Process Mining provides you with an all-new digital subject matter expert experience in IBM Process Mining. Prescriptive Process Mining helps you to investigate your processes based on Key Performance Indicators and generate investigation reports. The investigation page that is generated by Prescriptive Process Mining readily includes actionable insights about the processes, including major influencers of the process, deviations, recommended actions, and benefits.

Starting from IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, Prescriptive Process Mining provides you with the following additional capabilities:

  • You can stop the Prescriptive Process Mining report generation any time using the Stop build button.
  • You can view the history and older versions of investigation reports.
  • You can delete older versions of investigation report.

For more information, see the Prescriptive Process Mining topic.

Elastic widgets

Starting from IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, the Analytics dashboard includes Elastic widgets. Elastic widgets provides you with the capabilities to visualize your data in multiple graphical methods such as charts from a common source of data. You can change the representation of data from one chart format to another without configuring a new widget. You can also customize the charts, including the colors, content, style, and format.

You can find the Elastic widget under the Charts widget type in Analytics dashboard.

For more information, see the Elastic section in the Widget types topic.

Process App for BAW

Starting from IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, you can use the BAW integrated application service for Process App that is provided by IBM to extract the data from the Process Application, transform the extracted data into a process data source for IBM Process Mining, and load the data to create a new process visualization and analytics in IBM Process Mining.

For more information, see the Using the custom Process App for BAW topic.

Other improvements

Pending changes

Starting from IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, all changes you introduce into the Manage tab are consolidated in the Pending changes pane. You can then apply these changes together as required using the Apply button. Applying multiple changes together reduces the total computation time as the entire set of changes are applied simultaneously and using a single mining recomputation.

Additionally, the Manage tab notifies you when there are changes pending to be applied.

Filter numbers according to data type

Starting from IBM Process Mining 1.14.4, when you create a case attribute filter with a numeric data type (example: integer, amount, and numeric), you can enter a custom numeric value. You can also see the minimum and maximum values for the filter as identified in the event log data. Additionally, the values you enter are verified against the data type. For example, you can enter only integer values for the columns mapped as Integer in data source. Columns mapped as Amount or Numeric in data source allows any numerical value.