IBM® Process Mining

IBM Process Mining is a process mining solution that automatically discovers, constantly monitors, and continuously optimizes the business processes. Process mining uses business system data to create and visualize an end-to-end process that includes all process activities involved along with various process paths. Businesses easily analyze the discovered process to gain actionable insights for process improvement.

Businesses use Simulation, a feature of IBM Process Mining, to test unlimited process changes. Simulation combines historical data with contextual data, such as decision rules, to create what-if scenarios. These scenarios are then analyzed for incredibly fast and simple results. Simulations demonstrate how a process change affects the future process behavior along with new benefits and reliable ROI. Businesses can also create simulations from scratch, that is without historical data. Thus, processes can be tested and successfully introduced to business operations with immediate benefits.

IBM Process Mining facilitates process automation by identifying the best process candidates for automation, calculating the expected ROI, and demonstrating the impact of automation initiatives on the entire process before implementation. IBM Task Mining integrates with IBM Process Mining for a better understanding of how manual processes impact the business process. IBM Task Mining captures and sends real user interaction data to IBM Process Mining to create an augmented process model. This results in deeper insights for automation projects than what is provided by process mining alone.

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