Verifying your environment

The PowerVC user interface includes a tool that checks certain aspects of your environment to make sure that your resources are configured correctly. This topic describes how and when to use this tool and what elements of your environment are checked.

When you log in to PowerVC as an administrator, the Home page includes a tab that you can use to verify your environment and view the most recent results. You can run this tool at any time, but it is recommended that you wait until you have registered storage, hosts, and networks before you run the tool for the first time. The tool is only aware of the resources that you have registered with the product at the time that it is run; if you run the tool before you have registered the resources you plan to use you will receive a lot of messages.
  • The environment checker uses the Bash shell. The Korn shell is not supported.
  • After adding new fabrics or hosts, wait five minutes before running the environment verification tool. Otherwise, old data might be used.

It can take several minutes to verify your environment. If you have errors in your environment, use the Corrective Action portion of the message to help resolve the problem or warning.

The following are some examples of the items that are checked by the tool:
  • Hosts and storage are the correct machine type and model.
  • The allowed number of hosts is not exceeded.
  • The correct level of Virtual I/O Server is installed on your hosts.
  • The Virtual I/O Server is configured correctly on all of your hosts.
  • Storage and SAN switches are configured correctly.
  • There is connectivity between hosts and storage.