Managing existing volumes

You can manage existing storage volumes with IBM® Power® Virtualization Center. After they have been added to PowerVC, you can also stop managing them at any time.

About this task

You can manage existing storage volumes by following these steps after registration.
  • Existing volumes will not have an associated storage template.
  • After adding the volume to PowerVC management, you can attach it to one or more virtual machines. For information about attaching a volume to multiple virtual machines, see Working with shared volumes.

    Use caution when attaching a volume that begins with xxxx-boot-xxx because it could be a boot volume from a virtual machine that did not have its ephemeral disk storage cleaned up properly. Attaching this volume can cause confusion when capturing virtual machines.

  1. From the left side of the page, click the storage icon.
  2. In the Storage panel, click the Storage Providers tab and click Manage Existing Volumes.
  3. To stop managing volumes, click the relevant Volumes tab, select the volume Unmanage. Removing them from management does not destroy the storage volume.