Pin virtual machine to a host

You can choose to soft pin or hard pin a virtual machine to the host where it is currently running. When you 'Soft Pin' a virtual machine for high availability, PowerVC automatically migrates the virtual machine back to the original host once the host is back to operating state from the maintenance mode. In a case where the virtual machine has any licensing restriction with the host, the 'Hard Pin' option helps you to restrict the movement of the virtual machine during remote restart, automated remote restart, DRO and live partition migration.

About this task

To pin a virtual machine to the host, follow these steps:


  1. On the virtual machine details page, choose to enable pinning a virtual machine.
  2. Select whether you want to soft pin or hard pin a virtual machine to the host. Soft pin allows for the high availability of a virtual machine during disaster or host maintenance mode on another viable host.
  3. Click OK.


You can unpin a virtual machine from the virtual machine details page when required.