SR-IOV Deploy is Failing due to Invalid VLAN ID

Use this information if you are getting error messages in PowerVC about your primary VLAN ID (PVID) not being valid as you deploy SR-IOV networks. You might be using an invalid Virtual LAN (VLAN) ID.


If you create a network in PowerVC with a VLAN ID of 1 or 4095, then you might have issues. If you use either VLAD ID 1 or 4095 to deploy a virtual machine with SR-IOV network connectivity or attach it to an existing virtual machine, then it fails. You might see an error: "Specified PVID 1 is not valid."


The only suggested solution is to use valid Port VLAN ID numbers for SR-IOV networks. Using 2-4094 for your VLAN ID number is supported, but the use of "1" or 4095 is not supported in PowerVC.
Note: Using 1 for your VLAN ID can be used for Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) networking in PowerVC.