Out-of-Band Virtual Machine requests invalid virtual slot numbers

Creating out-of-band virtual machines may cause issues with the virtual slot numbers in PowerVC. As a result of the issues with the virtual slot number, PowerVC can cause remote restart issues as well.


Creating a virtual machine outside of PowerVC requires you to enter a custom virtual slot number. Issues might occur if the inputted virtual slot number is greater than the PowerVC supported maximum virtual slot number.


The acceptable max slot number for virtual machines that are remote restarted is 64. It is recommended that you do not use more than the initial 60 slots as the remote restart process may need to add an additional management virtual ethernet adapter (VEA). All VEAs that are attached to the system use the next highest available slot number due to the operating system restrictions, and how network interface cards (NICs) are ordered.

Note: PowerVC uses slots from 32 for attaching network interfaces to the virtual machine. For imported virtual machines, it is recommended to set the Maximum virtual adapters range to 64 in the LPAR profile setting.