Changing a host from NovaLink managed to HMC managed

For PowerVC to manage the host through a Hardware Management Console (HMC), the host must be changed back to classic mode. This involves destroying the PowerVM® NovaLink partition and releasing the HMC as the master.

If NovaLink is installed on a host, even if an HMC is connected to it, PowerVC must manage that host through the NovaLink partition.
Note: Unless otherwise stated, these steps are done from the HMC.
  1. In PowerVC, place the host in maintenance mode before attempting to change the co-management.
  2. Set the HMC to be the master by running this command: chcomgmt -m <SYS_NAME> -o setmaster -t norm and wait until PowerVC updates the host state for further action.
  3. Shut down the NovaLink virtual machine by running chsysstate -m <SYS_NAME> -o shutdown --id <VM_ID> -r lpar.
  4. Delete the NovaLink virtual machine: rmsyscfg -m <SYS_NAME> -r lpar --id <VM_ID>.
  5. Remove the master connection to NovaLink by running chcomgmt -o relmaster -m <SYS_NAME> on the HMC.

    The system might go into Recovery state. This gives you time to choose how to merge the original virtual machine configuration with the current system configuration. To choose how to merge the configurations, run the rstprofdata command.

  6. From the PowerVC user interface, open the Host page and select the host you want to update, then select Edit Host Connection.
  7. For Host management type, select HMC. Enter the appropriate information and click OK.
  8. Exit the host from maintenance mode in PowerVC.