Changing a host from HMC managed to NovaLink managed

PowerVM® NovaLink enables highly scalable cloud management and deployment for critical enterprise workloads. You can use NovaLink to manage virtualization while still using the Hardware Management Console (HMC) to manage your firmware and hardware, or you can use NovaLink independently of HMC. In your PowerVC environment, there can be hosts that are managed by NovaLink and hosts that are managed by HMC.

If you have a host that was added to PowerVC as HMC managed and you later install NovaLink on it, you must change it to be NovaLink managed in PowerVC. NovaLink Follow these instructions to ensure that PowerVC recognizes the change and can continue communicating with it.

Using the Dynamic Resource Optimizer (DRO) with CoD, is supported on PowerVM systems, whether it is NovaLink or HMC managed.
  1. Prepare the system for NovaLink management by following the instructions in this topic: Installing the PowerVM NovaLink software on a system that is managed by a Hardware Management Console (HMC).
    Important: When PowerVC recognizes that NovaLink is installed on it, a warning is displayed and the host is put into maintenance mode. Any operations that are running will likely fail.
  2. From the PowerVC user interface, open the Host page and select the host you want to update, then select Edit Host Connection.
  3. For Host management type, select NovaLink. Enter the appropriate information and click OK.
PowerVC now recognizes the host as NovaLink managed and the host comes out of maintenance mode.