When you install IBM® Power® Virtualization Center, you are able to get started quickly using the default settings and the templates that are created when you register your resources initially. However, you may want to change some settings from the defaults or further customize PowerVC.

Following are examples of some of the configuration tasks you may want to perform after initial installation of the product:
  • By default, PowerVC is configured to use the users and groups of the operating system on the management server. However, you can also configure the product to work with an existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server.
  • After you initially register storage, hosts, and networks, you may want to add additional resources or to import existing virtual machines or volumes into PowerVC so they can be managed by it.
  • Some default settings are created and used by PowerVC that control how images are deployed in your environment and the configuration of the resulting virtual machines. If the defaults do not meet your needs, you can customize these settings.