Working with Brocade Virtual Fabrics

With PowerVC, you can register either a physical or a logical Brocade fabric. Starting PowerVC 2.0.3, SSH key support is enabled for Brocade fabric registration.

Requirements and restrictions

Be aware of the following information when working with Virtual Fabrics:
  • PowerVC supports a total of 25 total fabrics. Each Virtual Fabric counts toward this total. The number of Virtual Fabrics that you can create depends on the switch model.
  • The switch must be at the appropriate fabric operating system level.
  • Registration of Brocade Virtual Fabric is not allowed using SSH private key.

Before using Virtual Fabrics

Before using Brocade Virtual Fabrics, follow these steps:
  1. Query the Brocade switch to determine the Virtual Fabric ID of the logical switch to be registered as a fabric in PowerVC, if you want to specify the Fabric ID.
  2. Install a certificate on the Brocade switch to enable secure HTTPS communications between the switch and PowerVC. PowerVC validates the certificate against the system trust store. For certificates signed by internal CA, the CA root and intermediate certificates must be present in the system trust store to ensure successful certificate validation.

Adding a Virtual Fabric

To add a Virtual Fabric to PowerVC, choose Storage > Fabrics and then clickAdd.Storage. Select Brocade under Fabric type section and specify virtual fabric ID in Brocade fabric specific settings. Specify other values as required.