A virtual machine gets stuck in Migrating status

Use this information if your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.5 server virtual machine with vSCSI storage connectivity gets stuck in Migrating status as reported on the Hardware Management Console (HMC).


On the HMC, look for Migrating - Running in the system's status:
hscroot@<hmc>:~> lssyscfg -m <host> -r lpar -F name,
     my_system-0aa710ab-00000003,3,aixlinux,POWER7,Migrating - Running,

On PowerVC, you might see periodic messages in the console that are related to this virtual machine and its state. However, the migration does not complete.


This issue is caused by a vSCSI RHEL 6.5 bug. For details, see the LTC Bugzilla page. For details about recovering from a failed migration by using the hardware management console (HMC), see Recovering from a failed migration.


Use a deployed image from RHEL 6.6 or from a different release stream that does not have the issue. The problem is intermittent and does not occur in every RHEL 6.5 installation. It also might be possible to obtain a z-stream update or hot fix patch for this problem from Red Hat.