Migration of virtual machine fails in PowerVC

The virtual machine migration operation fails in PowerVC due to the invalid host key in the known_hosts file. Update the file with a valid host key and retry migration.


The migration of a virtual machine fails with the following message displayed:
PC-0085F9E The 'Migrate' operation failed. Partition migration failed with the following errors:
HSCL3654 The host key may have just been changed. 
Add correct host key in /opt/ccfw/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message. 
The host key for the remote server has changed and you have requested strict
checking. Please run the mkauthkeys command again to set up the SSH communication authentication keys.


In the known_hosts file, check if there are invalid keys associated with the host.


As part of migration flow, PowerVC shares the public key information between the HMC and PowerVM® NovaLink hosts. If there are any invalid host keys in the known_hosts file, the virtual machine migration operation fails.


Edit the known_hosts file located at /opt/ccfw/.ssh/ on HMC and at /root/.ssh/ on NovaLink. Delete any invalid host keys and add valid host keys as necessary, then retry the migration.