Authentication fails when connecting to the HMC

You encounter a problem when PowerVC tries to connect to the HMC.


When PowerVC tries to connect to the HMC, you notice that the following Health status is displayed for the host:
Attention - Reason: Access state of host host_name is Authentication error. 
where host_name is the name of your host.


This problem can occur when the user ID or password for your HMC connection is incorrect. For example, the password might have been changed outside of PowerVC.


Verify that the user ID and password for your HMC connection are correct. If necessary, edit the credentials for your HMC connection. On the HMC Connections page, select the HMC, click Edit, enter the correct credentials, and click OK.

After updating the HMC credentials, restart compute services by running powervc-services nova restart. Then, try the task again.