Planning for HPE storage

Starting PowerVC version 2.1.0, HPE storage is supported as an integrated driver. You can now add an HPE storage driver by using the GUI and work with it.

System requirements

Before you start using an HPE storage with PowerVC, make sure that python-3parclient Python package is installed. For more details about this package, see HPE Storage.

Volume considerations

Consider the following while you are using an HPE storage.
  • When creating a volume on HPE storage system, only two combinations - thin and deco are supported.
  • Dedup and Compression are combined into deco type.
  • While creating a volume on HPE storage, specify the following parameters.
    • thin volume: provisioning = thin and compression = false
    • deco volume: provisioning = dedup and compression = true
  • For a compressed or Dedup volume requires a minimum size of 16 GB. Volume size lesser than 16 GB does not create a compressed volume.


  • Volume retype operation is not supported for HPE.
  • Out of band volume resize and out of band volume deletion operations are not supported.
  • Volume names specified while creation through PowerVC are encrypted by HPE cinder driver. For example, if the volume name is volume-test-xxx, it gets encrypted to osv-<encoded string>.
  • Virtual machine operations such as managed VM live capture, VM clone, snapshot, and restore are not supported.
  • Volume clone operation is not supported for onboarded volumes.