Deploy, resize, and live migration error codes

Some errors can be difficult to interpret because they include OpenStack terminology. This topic describes a few of those errors.

The following error conditions may apply to deploy, resize and hot migration:

Table 1. Explanations for a few errors that may result from deploy, resize, and hot migration operations.
Error code Description
10501 This error code is surfaced when no valid host can be found in the environment. Typical examples of this include scenarios in which insufficient memory or processor units are available in the environment.  For example, trying to deploy an LPAR that requires 8 GB of memory when the maximum memory in the environment is only 4 GB.
10500 This error code is surfaced if the connection between the nova-scheduler process and EGO is lost and could be returned for any deploy, resize or migrate operation.  If this happens, it means that either PowerVC was just started and needs a few more minutes to initialize, or that an internal error occurred and the EGO service needs to be restarted.  Generally the former would be true, but if it is the latter, you need to manually restart the ego service by running service ego start on the management server to resolve the error.