Monitoring resource health

IBM® Power® Virtualization Center monitors virtual resources and the host services that manage those resources to determine the health of the resources.

In PowerVC, the health of a resource is based on the state of the resource. PowerVC monitors for events that indicate a change in the virtualization status or the virtualization management service status. It evaluates the health of the resource when such events occur. In addition, PowerVC evaluates the health of the resource periodically to account for state changes that do not generate events.
Note: PowerVC health monitoring does not include hardware status. For example, if a fan fails on the management console, the PowerVC health value for that resource does not reflect the problem. Use the management console to monitor hardware status.
IBM Power Virtualization Center monitors the following resource types:
  • Hardware Management Console
  • Hosts
  • Virtual servers
  • Storage providers
  • Storage volumes
Categories of health status, from lowest to highest severity:
The target resource, all related resources, and the PowerVC management services for the resources report zero problems.
The target resource or a related resource requires user attention.
Services (Nova, Cinder, or Neutron) that manage the resources report problems and require user attention.
The target resource or a related resource is in an error state.
PowerVC gives health status information but the status is not OK, Warning, Attention or Critical.
PowerVC is unable to determine the health status of the resource.