Configuring Fibre Channel ports

View and configure your Fibre Channel ports to restrict certain ports from being used for connectivity types (NPIV, vSCSI, or both) or to restrict them to specific storage connectivity groups by using port tagging.

About this task

To configure Fibre Channel ports, go to Configuration > Fibre Channel Port Configuration.
Note: Fibre Channel ports for pluggable storage devices must be updated manually.
You can view Fibre Channel settings and you can additionally configure Fibre Channel ports in these ways. This information is not updated on the switch. It is for PowerVC use only.
Add port tags
You can use PowerVC to add port tags for use with storage connectivity groups and to specify whether PowerVC can use the port for attachments. You can also specify which fabric each port is connected to. On the storage connectivity group, you can specify whether ports without a port tag are eligible for connectivity.

Storage connectivity groups that share a Virtual I/O Server can use different physical Fibre Channel ports on that Virtual I/O Server. This setup can be facilitated by using Fibre Channel port tags. These tags are strings that can be assigned to specific Fibre Channel ports across your host systems. A storage connectivity group can be configured to connect only through Fibre Channel ports with a specific tag.

Allow or disallow port attachments
You can choose to disable specific ports from use by PowerVC. If that is done, those ports are not used to attach storage volumes to virtual servers.
Specify the connectivity
You can specify the supported attachment protocols for the port.