Compute templates

Compute templates let you specify settings for images that are deployed with the template. You can set processor, memory, and other features in a compute template.

You will select a compute template when you deploy an image. You can change the compute template associated with a virtual machine when you resize the virtual machine. You can also create new compute templates on the Configuration page.

You can specify basic settings, such as memory, virtual processors, and processing units. The advanced settings include shared processor settings, and minimum, desired, and maximum values for memory, virtual processors, affinity score checking, and processing units.
Notes: The deploy fails in these cases:
  • The specified amount of memory is not available at deploy time.
  • Affinity score checking is on but the target host does not support it.
During 'Resize' operation on active virtual machines, changing processor compatibility mode does not work with virtual machines on HMC managed hosts.
PowerVC provides the following compute templates by default. You can use any of these default compute templates, or you can create your own customized compute templates. In this table, there are columns for desired, minimum, and maximum values for each template:
  • Desired: This is the default value and is pre-populated in the user interface when a compute template is used.
  • Minimum and Maximum: These values set the bounds users can choose during deploys and resizes.
Table 1. Compute templates provided with IBM® Power® Virtualization Center by default.
Name Minimum Virtual Processors Desired Virtual Processors Maximum Virtual Processors Minimum Processing Units Desired Processing Units Maximum Processing Units Minimum Memory (MB) Desired Memory (MB) Maximum Memory (MB)
tiny 1 1 1 0.1 0.5 1 2048 4096 6144
small 1 2 2 0.1 1 2 4096 8192 10240
medium 1 4 4 0.1 2 4 8192 16384 18432
large 1 8 8 0.1 4 8 16384 32768 34816
extra large 1 16 16 0.1 8 16 32768 65536 67584
extra extra large 1 32 32 0.1 16 32 65536 131072 133120