Some idle sessions are left in HMC due to K2 REST API calls from PowerVC

You might encounter HMC session leak issues due to K2 REST API calls from PowerVC.


During PowerVC K2 REST API calls to HMC, some session entries are left out and remain idle forever resulting in session leak. In such a case, you must restart HMC to clear the sessions.


To resolve this issue, complete the following steps.
  1. Log in to the HMC GUI. Navigate to Users and Security, and then click Manage User Profiles and Access.
  2. On the User Profiles dialog, make sure hscroot user is selected. From the User drop-down, select Modify/View...
  3. On the Modify User dialog, click User Properties.
  4. On the User Properties dialog, set the Idle timeout minutes: value. The default value is zero (0) indicating no expiration and the recommended value is 120 minutes. The maximum value that can be provided is 525600 minutes (equivalent to one year).