Deletion of volume attached to a virtual machine fails with error after live capture

You might encounter a problem when you delete a volume that is attached to a virtual machine.


Deleting a volume attached to a virtual machine after live capture fails with the following error:
Volume status must be available or error or error_restoring or error_extending or error_managing and must not be migrating, attached, belong to a group, have snapshots or be disassociated from snapshots after volume transfer.


When you delete a volume that is associated with a virtual machine after live capture, the consistency group and the volume group snapshots are in deleting state because the FlashCopy® mapping is in progress. The FlashCopy mapping might take longer time due to the default copy rate of 2MB per second on the Storwize® storage. For more information on the relationship of the copy and cleaning rate values, see Background copy and cleaning rates.


To enhance the speed of FlashCopy background copy rate, set the storwize_svc_flashcopy_rate on the Storwize Cinder configuration based on your network bandwidth.

storwize_svc_flashcopy_rate = 140

After setting the value, restart Cinder services on PowerVC.