Remote restart all virtual machines from a failed host (APIs)

You can use PowerVC to remotely restart virtual machines from a failed host (source host) to another host (destination host). After the failed host is restarted, any virtual machines that were remotely restarted are removed from that host, but they will remain on the destination host. The count of virtual machines is updated on the source host when it is restarted.

The following PowerVC-specific APIs can be used to control complete remote restart of all virtual machines on the source host to the destination host. The standard OpenStack compute API for remote restarting an individual virtual machine is also supported. See Supported OpenStack Compute (Nova) APIs for more details.

Table 1. Remote restart APIs
Method URI Description
POST v2.1/{tenant_id}/os-hosts/{host_name}/ibm-evacuate Begins remote restart of all servers from the failed host to the destination host
POST v2.1/{tenant_id}/os-hosts/{host_name}/ibm-stop-evacuate Cancels the remote restart of all servers for which the remote restart operation is not yet started
Response Codes
  • Normal Response Code: Accepted (202)
  • Error Response Codes for ibm-evacuate:
    • Bad Request (400)
    • Not Found (404)
    • Pre-condition failed (412)
  • Error Response Codes for ibm-stop-evacuate:
    • Bad Request (400)
    • Not Found (404)

Request Body:

Table 2. Remote restart all virtual machines API request body parameters
Name In Type Description
Host body string Specifies the target hypervisor to which the virtual machines are remote restarted. If the destination host is not specified, PowerVC selects the host or hosts based on the placement policy.
{"host": "8246L2C_1234567"}