Accessibility features in IBM Power® Virtualization Center

Accessibility features help users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology products successfully.

Accessibility features

The following list includes the major accessibility features in PowerVC.
  • Uses accessibility support enabled by your Web browser
  • Can be operated using only the keyboard
  • Communicates all information independent of color
  • Supports the attachment of alternate output devices
  • Provides help information in an accessible format
  • Supports alternatives to audio information (Microsoft Windows systems only)
  • Supports interfaces commonly used by screen readers and screen magnifiers

Accessing additional information

Use one of these methods to access additional information in the interface:
  • Help links open help topics that give more detailed information. These behave as normal links but open in a new window.
  • Help buttons have a few sentences of additional information. When the cursor focus is on a help button, press Enter to open and read the text, then press Esc to close the text.
  • Some form fields have help text associated with them. When the cursor focus is on a form field, press Ctrl+Shift+/ to open and read help text associated with a form field. If no help text is associated with a form field, no text will be read.
  • In validation and message windows, press Enter from a row for more detailed information.
    Note: In a details window, pressing Enter from a row opens the corresponding details window, if one exists.
  • To open a link in a table cell, navigate to the cell and press the space bar.

IBM and accessibility

See the IBM® Human Ability and Accessibility Center for more information about the commitment that IBM has to accessibility.