Installing and configuring cloud-init on Linux®

Before you capture a virtual machine, you need to install the cloud-init package. This topic provides you details about cloud-init installation procedure.

Uninstall the activation engine if you have already installed it on your virtual machine. To check whether the activation engine RPMs are installed, run # rpm -qa | grep activation on the virtual machine. If the RPMs are present, uninstall the activation engine by using rpm -e activation*.

If you have an existing version of cloud-init package on virtual machine, it is highly recommended that it is first cleaned up by running rpm -e cloud-init* to uninstall the package.

Make sure you have the latest RSCT packages installed for all distros. For details, see Set up an RMC connection. The corresponding ports must be opened up for communication between the control plane and the virtual machine to avoid health issues with RMC on the virtual machine. Also, ensure that the PowerVC cloud-init RMC module is configured as part of the cloud-init configuration steps.

Add firewall rules to open port 657 (for TCP and UDP) for RMC connection.