Planning for PowerVM hosts

PowerVM® hosts can be managed by PowerVM NovaLink or HMC. Plan appropriately, depending on how you are managing your systems.

Note: It is important that your virtual machines can access the necessary storage. Additionally, when a virtual server is deployed, you can only deploy to a host system that can connect to the storage on which the deployment image resides.

Planning for host management - HMC only

If you typically use redundant HMCs to manage your hosts, consider which HMC and hosts that you want PowerVC to manage. PowerVC allows you to change the HMC that is managing a host or group of hosts in the event of an HMC failure. The HMC must already be managing the hosts before you can change to that HMC in PowerVC.

You can add additional HMC connections on the Host page on the PowerVC user interface, the HMC page on the PowerVC user interface, or you can add an additional HMC connection when you change to a different HMC.

Planning for I/O management - multiple Virtual I/O Servers

In PowerVC, a host can have multiple dual VIOS pairs. A dual VIOS setup promotes redundancy, accessibility, and serviceability. It can enhance virtual I/O client partition performance and lets you easily expand hardware or add new functions. It also offers load balancing capabilities for Multipath I/O (MPIO) and multiple shared Ethernet adapter configurations.

For more information about using multiple Virtual I/O Servers, see the IBM® Redpaper™ publication "IBM System p Advanced POWER® Virtualization (PowerVM) Best Practices".