The EGO service will not start due to long domain name

The EGO service does not work if the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for PowerVC is more than 63 characters. This will cause scheduling some virtual machine operations, such as deploy, live migration, and resize, to hang or fail completely. If your FQDN exceeds this value, add the host name to the /etc/hosts file.


Verify the length of the PowerVC FQDN by running the following command: hostname --fqdn.


Add the host name to the /etc/hosts file on a new line in the following format: <powervc-ip> <pqdn> <fqdn>.

For example: examplepqdnexamplepqdnexamplepqdnexampl1234
After updating the /etc/hosts file, restart EGO by running powervc-services ego restart.