Changing the maximum number of virtual resources

The maximum number of virtual resources determines the maximum number of logical partitions that you can create on your hosts. You can use the Hardware Management Console to change this setting.

About this task

The value for Configured maximum virtual resources is initially set by the firmware level of your host. This field displays the maximum number of virtual resources that the firmware currently supports and the corresponding maximum number of logical partitions that you can currently create. The value is an estimate that is based on the assumption that each client logical partition needs many virtual resources. An example set of resources includes one virtual Serial adapter, two virtual SCSI adapters, and two virtual Fibre Channel adapters. However, your client logical partitions might use the minimum number of virtual resources, such as one virtual Serial adapter and one virtual SCSI adapter. In this case, you can create more partitions than this value indicates.

It is recommended that you configure the maximum number of virtual resources (virtual adapters) for the Virtual I/O Server to be at least three times the number of virtual machines that you plan to deploy on the host. This should enable you to have sufficient resources available on your hosts as you create and migrate virtual machines throughout your environment.

To change the maximum number of adapters, you must change the partition profile properties and then activate the partition.


  1. In the navigation pane, open Systems Management > Servers, and click the name of the managed system.
  2. In the work pane, select the logical partition whose partition profile you want to change, click the Tasks button, and click Configuration > Manage Profiles.
  3. Select the partition profile that you want to change and click Actions > Edit.
  4. Make the appropriate changes and click OK.
  5. From the Tasks menu, click Operations > Activate > Profile.
  6. Click OK.