Getting fixes from Fix Central

You can use Fix Central to find the fixes that are recommended by IBM® Support for various products, including IBM Power® Virtualization Center. With Fix Central, you can search, select, order, and download fixes for your system with a choice of delivery options. A PowerVC product fix might be available to resolve your problem.

About this task

PowerVC requires certain packages to be installed. Configure and enable the Red Hat Enterprise Linux "yum" repository on the host by using a DVD mount or RHN. This allows PowerVC to find and install the required packages during installation. For instructions to set up the yum repository, see Configuring Yum and Yum Repositories.


To find and install fixes:

  1. Obtain the tools that are required to get the fix. If it is not installed, obtain your product update installer. You can download the installer from Fix Central.
    This site provides download, installation, and configuration instructions for the update installer.
    Note: For more information about how to obtain software fixes, from the Fix Central page, click Getting started with Fix Central, then click the Software tab.
  2. Under Find product, type PowerVC in the Product selector field.
  3. Select PowerVC. For Installed version, select All. For Platform, select the appropriate platform or select All, then click Continue.
  4. Identify and select the fix that is required, then click Continue.
  5. Download the fix. When you download the file, ensure that the name of the maintenance file is not changed, either intentionally or by the web browser or download utility.
  6. Navigate to the downloaded file and run tar -xvf <file_name>.
  7. Navigate to the extracted directory and run the ./update or ./install command.