Supported Gnocchi APIs

The following image Gnocchi APIs are supported in PowerVC.

For instructions to use them, refer to the Gnocchi API documentation.
Table 1. Supported Gnocchi APIs that are used with PowerVC
Method URI Description
GET /v1/archive_policy

Get information on archive policy set on system.

GET /v1/metric

List all available metrics

GET /v1/metric/{metric_id}

Retrieves specified metric information

GET /v1/metric/{metric_id}/measures

Retrieves aggregates for the specified metric.

GET /v1/resource

Lists resource types for which metrics can be collected on PowerVC.

GET /v1/resource/{resource_type}/{resource_id}

Retrieves the description of a resource for specified resource_type. For example, retrieving information of specific virtual machine which is of instance resource type.

GET /v1/resource/{resource_type}

Read information of attributes of specified resource_type of resource. For example, retrieving information of instance resource type.

GET /v1/resource_type Retrieves all available types of resource_type.
GET /v1/resource_type/{resource_type_name} Retrieves description of specified resource type. For example, retrieving metadata of instance resource type.
GET /v1/resource/{resource_type}/{resource_id}/metric

Gets list of metrics supported by Gnocchi for the resource.

resource_type - For supported resource types, see  Supported metrics.
resource_id - The resource_id corresponds to the id field from the response of v1/resource/{resource_type}.

GET /v1/resource/{resource_type}/{resource_id}/metric/{metric_name}

Retrieves information of metric that was created by a specified resource ID belonging to specified resource type.

GET /v1/resource/{resource_type}/{resource_id}/ metric/{metric_name}/measures

Gets metric values for metric_name collected for resource_id.

For example, if the host's resource_id is f6cf6376-584b-54cb-9bf3-1faa56cba71f and user needs to view the host's CPU utilization metrics, then the API query is v1/resource/nova_compute/f6cf6376-584b-54cb-9bf3-1faa56cba71f/metric/compute.node.cpu.percent/measures.

GET /v1/status

Retrieves overall status of the Gnocchi installation.

POST /v1/search/resource/{resource_type_name}

Searches for a specific resource type.

POST /v1/search/metric

Search in metric.