Injecting license keys for IBM virtual machines

The operating system license keys for IBM i virtual machines can be injected via PowerVC API for virtual machines on NovaLink managed hosts. Below API can be invoked from any rest API clients.

Before you begin

API details for injecting license key
Table 1. Option for injecting license key
Method URI Description



Submits the license keys to PowerVM® NovaLink command (chlickey). If the command injects the license keys to IBM i virtual machine, the API returns 202 accepted (License key injected successfully). If the command fails to inject the API provided license keys, it returns failure response.

Request header should have X-Auth-Token.

Request Body

Request Body:
         "licenseKey": "1201118112559RCHASC015733WQXV2R2M15050 10D9C5R999    -11211118        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXF011201118112559,
1201118112558RCHASC015722IP1V5R3M05050 10D9C5R999    -11211118        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXE011201118112558,
1201118112558RCHASC015722IP1V5R3M05101 10D9C5R999    -11211118        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXF011201118112558"

Response: 202 Accepted; 400 Error

You can provide multiple license keys that are comma separated.