Recovering IBM Power® Virtualization Center data

Use the powervc-opsmgr restore command to recover PowerVC data that was previously backed up so you can restore to a working state after data corruption or a disaster.

Before you begin

Before you begin any restore steps, ensure that your target system is properly prepared:
  • The backup archive can only be restored to a system that is running the same level of PowerVC as the system from which the backup was taken.
    Note: The restore can be done to a system with a different hardware architecture than the backup.
  • The new environment should duplicate the original user environment, such as adding users and groups that are assigned roles in PowerVC. Otherwise, PowerVC users will not be available after the restore.

About this task

The backup process does not back up SSL certificates and associated configuration information. A restored PowerVC environment uses the configuration that existed within the PowerVC environment before the restore operation, not the configuration of the environment from which the backup was taken. Keep in mind this consideration when you are selecting an environment on which to restore.

For details about the syntax and options, run powervc-opsmgr restore --help.

Complete the following steps to restore PowerVC data.


  1. Ensure that the user has sufficient sudo privileges configured to perform execution of this command and read access to the files.
  2. Open a command-line interface to the operating system on the virtual machine on which IBM® PowerVC is installed.
  3. Run the powervc-opsmgr restore command with needed options.
    os4p45:/opt # powervc-opsmgr restore -h
    usage: powervc-opsmgr restore [-h] -c CLUSTER [-b BACKUPARCHIVE] [-r] [-v]
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -c CLUSTER, --cluster CLUSTER
                            Specify cluster to restore
      -b BACKUPARCHIVE, --backuparchive BACKUPARCHIVE
                            Option to provide PowerVC backup file path
      -r, --rescuerestore   Rescue restore PowerVC env
      -v, --verbose         Standard verbose argument


  • If an error occurs while running powervc-opsmgr restore, check the restore logs in /opt/ibm/powervc/log.
  • In case of any failure in the restore logs, re-run the restore operation.
  • If restore fails due to network disconnection or any other reason, you can re-run powervc-opsmgr restore -c <CLUSTER_NAME> to resume the restore operation.
  • When restoring in a multinode environment, make sure you perform restore on the primary node.
When the restore operation completes, PowerVC runs with all data from the targeted backup file.