Deployment of images fails

Image deployment fails when the volume does not attach to the image.


You try to deploy an image but the operation fails. You receive an error message indicating that the volume failed to attach to the image or unable to create or edit the virtual media repository. For example, Fault: Volume attachment failed.


This problem can occur for one of the following reasons:
  • The storage device is busy.
  • A hardware problem occurred with the host or the storage device.
  • All or parts of the virtual media repository already exist.


To resolve the problem, complete the following steps:
  1. Check the compute log at /var/log/nova/compute-<host_name>.log. Search for the host and the commands that failed on PowerVC.
  2. Check the cinder log at /var/log/cinder/volume-<storage_host>.log. Search for the storage volume and the commands that failed on IBM® Storwize® or the SAN Volume Controller devices.

    For example, the rmdev command might fail when the storage device is busy, when an I/O operation is occurring on the disk, or when there is a problem with a storage device.

  3. Resolve the problems that are recorded in the logs. If all or part of the virtual media repository already exist, run rmrep to clean up the repository.
  4. Try to deploy the image again. If the problem persists, contact IBM support.