Deploy requirements for captured images

This topic describes the support and requirements for deploying an image in your IBM Power® Virtualization Center environment.

Type of images that you can deploy

You can use PowerVC to deploy images that are created when you capture a virtual machine, or import a volume-backed image in your PowerVC environment.


Before you deploy an image, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Your PowerVC environment is configured as described in setting up the PowerVC environment.
  • Each Virtual I/O Server on the target host must have the same number of virtual resources (virtual adapters) available as the number of virtual machines that you plan to deploy. If any one of these Virtual I/O Server does not have enough virtual resources available, you must increase the maximum number of virtual resources on the Virtual I/O Servers before you deploy the image.
  • When you deploy a SAN-backed image, the disk size for the resulting virtual machine is the same size as the disk for the image you deployed. If you are using a REST API to deploy the image, you cannot change the size of the resulting virtual machine during deployment. If you want to resize the disk, you need to do so after the image is deployed.
  • You cannot resize a virtual machine that is deployed to a shared storage pool.
  • Disk resize is not supported for IBM i virtual machines.
  • When you deploy an IBM i virtual machine on a POWER6® host, ensure that the processor compatibility value for the compute template is set to default.