Clone volumes

Clone volume feature allows you to create a consistent copy of volumes that are available or attached to a virtual machine.

Clone volume uses storage consistency group to ensure data consistency during clone operation. This topic explains certain aspects such as prerequisites, use cases, and limitations of cloning volumes.


  • All volumes that are selected for cloning must have a storage template assigned.
  • All volumes that are selected must be from the same storage provider.

Supported use cases

PowerVC supports the following snapshot use case scenarios:
  • Clone multiple volumes in available state.
  • Clone multiple volumes, which are attached to the virtual machine.
  • Create cloned volumes and assign a different target template from the same storage provider.


  • A volume must not part of any volume group.
  • For clone volumes you can select volumes that are using different storage templates. However, when you clone the volumes by assigning a target template, the cloned volumes will have the same target template.
  • The maximum number of volumes which can be cloned depends on the consistency group limits as defined by the storage provider.
  • Clone volume is only supported for IBM Storwize┬«, Power Max, Pure Storage, and Hitachi storage providers.
  • Clone volume is supported for Storwize global mirror and Hitachi GAD for replicated volumes. Clone Volume is not supported for PowerMax SRDF volumes.