Sending information to IBM Support

To diagnose or identify a problem, you might need to provide IBM® Support with data and information from your system. In other cases, IBM Support might provide you with tools or utilities to use for problem determination.

Sending diagnostic information to IBM Support

To reduce the time that is required to resolve your problem, you can send trace and diagnostic information to IBM Support.


To submit diagnostic information to IBM Support:

  1. Open a problem management record (PMR).
    You can use the Service Request Tool to create a PMR:
  2. Collect the diagnostic data that you need. Diagnostic data helps reduce the time that it takes to resolve your PMR. Manually collect and compress the required diagnostic information by following the directions that you receive from IBM Support.
    Note: The IBM Power Virtualization Center diagnostic data collection tool collects and compresses diagnostic data that is needed for problem determination and resolution. The powervc-diag tool is in the /opt/ibm/powervc/bin directory on the PowerVC managing system. Based on the nature of the issue, an IBM technical-support representative provides the exact syntax to use to run the command.
  3. Transfer the required files to IBM.
    You can use one of the following methods to transfer the files to IBM:

    All of these data exchange methods are explained on the IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) website: