Searching knowledge bases

You can often find solutions to problems by searching IBM® knowledge bases. You can optimize your results by using available resources, support tools, and search methods.

You can find useful information by searching IBM Power® Virtualization Center Knowledge Center. However, sometimes you need to look beyond IBM Knowledge Center to answer your questions or resolve problems.

To search knowledge bases for information that you need, use one or more of the following approaches:
  • Find the content that you need by using the IBM Support Portal.

    The IBM Support Portal is a unified, centralized view of all technical support tools and information for all IBM systems, software, and services. The IBM Support Portal provides access to the IBM electronic support portfolio from one place. You can tailor the pages to focus on the information and resources that you need for problem prevention and faster problem resolution. Familiarize yourself with the IBM Support Portal by viewing the demo videos about this tool. The demo videos introduce you to the IBM Support Portal, explore troubleshooting and other resources, and demonstrate how you can tailor the page by moving, adding, and deleting portlets.

  • Search for PowerVC Technotes and tips by using the IBM Techdoc website.
  • Look in the PowerVC wiki on IBM Community.
  • Search for content by using the IBM masthead search.

    You can use the IBM masthead search by typing your search string into the Search field at the top of any® page.

  • Search for content by using any external search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
    If you use an external search engine, your results are more likely to include information that is outside the domain. However, sometimes you can find useful problem-solving information about IBM products in newsgroups, forums, and blogs that are not on
    Tip: Include IBM and the name of the product in your search if you are looking for information about an IBM product.