Tasks remain in the Initializing state

You might encounter a problem where an IBM® Power® Virtualization Center task stays in the Initializing state.


A task remains in the Initializing state for up to two hours. Then, the task changes to the Error state.


This problem can occur when you perform a task on a virtual machine and nova services are shut down or restarted during the operation. For example, you try to deploy an image and nova services are accidentally restarted. This issue causes an error. However, the virtual machine indicates that it is in the Initializing state, and it remains in the Initializing state for two hours. Then, the virtual machine changes to Error state.


To resolve the problem immediately, you must change the state of the virtual machine to Active, delete the virtual machine, and then try the task again.

Complete the following steps:

  1. From the Virtual Machines page, select the virtual machine.
  2. On the details page, find the State of the virtual machine and click Error (Reset Status) or Building (Reset Status).
  3. On the Reset Virtual Machine State page, click OK.
  4. Select the virtual machine and click Delete.
  5. Try the task again.