Delete or detach volume fails in SVC

You might encounter issues when you attempt to delete or detach a volume in SVC.


The delete or detach volume operation in SVC fails with the following error message.
2022-05-05 04:36:17.639 3342605 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server  stdout:
2022-05-05 04:36:17.639 3342605 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.server  stderr: CMMVC8478E The mapping cannot be removed because the volume being unmapped has received I/O within the defined volume protection period.


Volume protection prevents active volumes or host mappings from being deleted inadvertently if the system detects recent I/O activity. This global setting is enabled by default on new systems. For more details check Volume protection.


To resolve this issue, disable volume protection and retry deleting or detaching a volume.

IBM_Storwize:Cluster_9.x.x.x:superuser>svctask chsystem -vdiskprotectionenabled no
IBM_Storwize:Cluster_9.x.x.x:superuser>lssystem | grep vdisk
space_allocated_to_vdisks 1.96TB
total_vdiskcopy_capacity 7.59TB
total_vdisk_capacity 7.59TB
vdisk_protection_time 15
vdisk_protection_enabled no
automatic_vdisk_analysis_enabled on