PowerVC cloud-init modules

These steps configure PowerVM® specific modules with cloud-init and are applicable to all supported Linux distros with PowerVC.

The below modules must be explicitly configured as part of the cloud-init config file available at /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.

reset-rmc module

This module resets RMC. To enable this module, modify the cloud_final_modules section of the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg file as follows:

Add this line
- reset_rmc

refresh_rmc_and_interface module

This module is added for RHEL 7 distro only. The primary purpose of the module is to refresh ipv6 interface and RMC connections on every boot. IPv6 ping faces issues while connecting to host after multiple reboot. As a fix, this script refreshes RMC connection on every boot.

Add these lines in the cloud_final_modules section of the /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg file:
Note: For RHEL 7 distro, under cloud_final_modules section, make sure /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg has custom modules specified in the following order:
  • reset_rmc
  • refresh_rmc_and_interface