SLES 3-node installation fails with ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'nacl' error

PowerVC installation on SLES 3-node fails with ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'nacl' error.


The installation fails because by default, the SLES operating system (OS) provides the python3-PyNaCl-1.4.0-150000.3.6.6.ppc64le package, which is a higher version. However, PowerVC 2.1.0 requires the package.


Check the python3-PyNaCl package on all nodes and install the correct package by using these steps.
  1. To check whether the PyNaCl package is installed on all nodes, run the rpm -qa | grep PyNaCl command.
  2. If it is a package other than, remove the package by running the rpm -e --nodeps python3-PyNaCl command.
  3. Go to dir /opt/ibm/powervc-opsmgr - cd /opt/ibm/powervc-opsmgr and search for python3-PyNaCl package bundle with opsmgr by running the find -iname "*PyNaCl*" command.
  4. Install the package that you find in step 3 by running the rpm -ivh < package full path> command.