PowerVC UI known issues and limitations

You might come across a few issues or limitations while you work with PowerVC version 2.1.0. However, these issues do not hinder any of the core functionality of the product. These issues will be fixed during future releases.

Listed are a few issues and limitations.
PowerVC restart and PowerVC UI services
When you restart PowerVC services or restart only PowerVC UI services, the UI might require 15 minutes for the initial sync of data between MongoDB and PowerVC. As a workaround, you can update ENABLE_SYNC to false in the UI config file /opt/ibm/powervc/new-ui/.env. This helps you to avoid any delay in accessing PowerVC UI services.
UI column and Pagination changes
For root users after restore operation, UI column and pagination changes might not reflect and might show as default.
Token expiry
PowerVC UI interacts with NodeJS through JSON Web Token (JWT). NodeJS interacts with PowerVC through Keystone tokens. The general behavior is that when a Keystone token gets created on NodeJS, the JWT token expiration is set to the same duration as OpenStack Keystone token. However, if the Keystone token is forcefully expired through PowerVC CLI, then the same does not get reflected on JWT token.
NodeJS startup time
When PowerVC is started, NodeJS starts syncing of data from PowerVC to MongoDB. Depending on the scale, the NodeJS startup can take up to 15 minutes, which is the sync timeout.
Features to be implemented
Certain UI features are planned for implementation in the future releases.

At several places in the UI, you see a comment box where you can add text while stopping a VM, for example. However, this comment or text is not visible after submission of request.

UI login with Remember me option for project selection is planned for future releases. Even if project preference is set via Remember the choice and don't ask on next login from previous versions, Choose the project option is always shown in UI after initial login.

Storage templates with missing storage provider information will not be displayed on the UI
Storage templates that are created from CLI with only name and description (optional) will not be displayed in the Templates page. Templates that are associated with a storage provider are only displayed.
Auto-refresh is implemented for all resource list pages. This feature is not available at edit page level.
Avoid selection of P7 hosts
While deploying a VM, if you select any compute template that has remote restart enabled, then host drop down is not filtered to remove P7 hosts. You can avoid selecting a P7 host with that template.
UI translation limitations
PowerVC UI is enabled for globalization but we have certain limitations where a few panes are getting partially translated.
  • Logs, notification, and TTV messages
  • Date and number format
  • Carbon component-related messages. For example, items in the drop-down and error messages such as Invalid that appear as a result of numeric input.
Path highlighting in Topology
When a VM uses storage connectivity groups (SCG) having vSCSI - boot and NPIV - data volume connectivity, the path that highlights when clicking a volume may not show the exact vSCSI or NPIV path.
Do not use the exclamation mark (!) special character in PowerVC and PowerVC UI passwords
When changing the password for PowerVC services or PowerVC UI services, do not use the exclamation mark (!) special character.