Creating deploy templates

Administrators can configure image deployment properties and save them as a deploy template. A deploy template includes everything necessary to quickly and easily create a virtual machine, including the deploy target, storage connectivity group, compute template, etc.

Follow these steps to create a deploy template:

  1. From the Images page, select the image that you want to use to create a deploy template and click Create Template from Image. The page has a list of public images (images that are shared from ibm-default project) and private images.
    For public images, the value of 'Visibility' option in the Images details page is set as 'public'. For private images, the 'Visibility' option is set to 'private'.
  2. Complete the information in the window that opens, then click Create Deploy Template.
  3. The deploy template is now listed on the Deploy Templates tab of the Images page.
Also, in the Deploy Template details page, you can see whether a public image is used for creating the deploy template. Users with self-service role can view these deploy templates. Users with project_manager role (in projects other than ibm-default) cannot view deploy templates that are created using public images.

After creation, you can edit a deploy template by selecting the template and clicking Edit.