Installing SUSE Linux on the management server or host

Before you install IBM Power® Virtualization Center, you must install SUSE Linux into the management virtual machine. For supported SUSE Linux versions, see Hardware and software requirements.

Important: When you run the SUSE Linux installation wizard, on the Product to install window, choose SUSE Linux Entrerprise Server 15 SP1 for SP1 and SUSE Linux Entrerprise Server 15 SP2 for SP2.

PowerVC requires certain packages to be installed. Configure and enable the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server zypper repository on the host by using a DVD mount or SUSE provided repos. This allows PowerVC to find and install the required packages during installation. For instructions to set up the zypper repository, see Adding repositories.

Download the package with the correct extension:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power : ppc64le

For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation instructions, see SUSE Linux Enterprise Server deployment guide.