Configuring the storage controller and SAN switch

If you are using SAN storage, you must initially configure your storage controller and storage area network (SAN) switch before you add them to IBM® Power® Virtualization Center.

Before you begin, decide how you want to connect remotely to the storage controller. If you are using user authentication, make sure to retain the user name and password for the storage controller. Otherwise, plan on using key pairs. For instructions to generate key pairs, see the documentation for your device.
To configure the storage controller and SAN switch, follow these steps:
  1. Configure the Fibre Channel fabric for the PowerVC environment.
    1. Connect the required Fibre Channel ports that are owned by the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) virtual machines and the storage controller to the SAN switch.
      Consider creating two redundant fabrics by connecting all VIOS virtual machines and storage controllers to two SAN switches. If one switch fails, the redundancy helps to ensure constant connectivity between VIOS virtual machines and the storage controller.
    2. Perform initial configuration for the SAN switch.
      The initial configuration process requires a serial connection. For more information, go to the IBM Support Portal Documentation page and use Quick find to search for your switch model:
      Note: Make note of the administrator user ID and password. You need those credentials to register SAN switches with PowerVC. For Cisco switches, you might also need to specify a port and a number used to identify the virtual SAN.
  2. Configure the storage controller.
    This configuration includes setting up user authentication and creating storage pools and volumes. For more information, follow the link for your controller.