Update VIP settings by using OpsMgr

Starting PowerVC 2.0.3, you can update virtual IP (VIP) settings by using PowerVC operations manager (OpsMgr).

About this task

This topic details the procedure for updating VIP settings by using OpsMgr. When the IP address of the management system changes, run powervc-opsmgr config changevip command to automatically update these values in PowerVC. For instructions to use the command, open CLI and enter the command name followed by --help. For example, powervc-opsmgr config changevip --help.
  • Make sure that all services are up and running before performing powervc-opsmgr config changevip.
  • Run powervc-opsmgr config changevip command from primary / bootstrap node.

Perform the following steps to update the VIP settings. Make sure that you always use a free IP address.


  1. Pre-stage: Run nohup powervc-opsmgr config changevip -r <New IP that you want to configure> -c <cluster name> -l -p & for pre-stage. This command updates the inventory files. To check whether the entries under /opt/ibm/powervc-opsmgr/ansible/inventory are updated, you can run powervc-opsmgr inventory -l.
  2. Manual stage:Run the following command and delete the VIP that is associated with the node.
    ip addr del <VIP>/<NETMASK_CIDR> dev <INTERFACE_NAME>
  3. Final stage: Run nohup powervc-opsmgr config changevip -r <New IP that you want to configure> -c <cluster name> -l &.

    Manually restart powervc-services after performing operation by using powervc-services restart command.

    If inventory has Firewall config set to true, then run systemctl restart firewalld on all nodes.
    Upon successful execution of the command, the VIP is updated.


  • No other operations can be performed until completion of Final stage.
  • After updating IP address, you can access GUI after 20 minutes.