Database maintenance

PowerVC performs soft deletion while deleting a record from its database. You might occasionally want to remove such soft deleted table rows. This operation is called purging the database. You can use the powervc-manage tool to accomplish purging activities. PowerVC supports purging Nova, Cinder, and Glance databases.

About this task

PowerVC has a cron job (daily) that purges database records that are older than 90 days.

User can perform the following steps to modify the cron job, which deletes the data older than 90 days by default.
  1. Open /etc/cron.daily/powervc_purge_deleted_records file.
  2. Change /opt/ibm/powervc/bin/powervc-manage -o dbpurge -y to /opt/ibm/powervc/bin/powervc-manage -o dbpurge -d <days> -y
  3. Restart cron service.
For example, if you want to delete records older than 60 days instead of 90 days, edit the file as shown below.
/opt/ibm/powervc/bin/powervc-manage -o dbpurge -d 60 -y

Purging the database

Follow these steps to purge the soft-deleted rows from the tables:


Run the /opt/ibm/powervc/bin/powervc-manage -o dbpurge command.
You can use the following optional parameters:
  • --older-than-days DAYS: Purge the rows that have been deleted for longer than DAYS days. The default is 90 days.
  • --noprompt: Specifies whether to suppress the warning message when purging deleted records.

What to do next

/opt/ibm/powervc/bin/powervc-manage -o dbpurge --older-than-days 7 -y

Running this command purges the rows, which are older than 7 days, from the Nova, Cinder, and Glance databases.