Scenario: Create a project with deploy templates

Follow this procedure to create a project, add users, assign them roles, and create a deploy template for an image.

In this scenario, assume that you need to create a project for your test environment. You have a set of users who only need to use PowerVC to create virtual machines in the test environment.

  1. Log in to the PowerVC user interface. Be sure to log in to the project ibm-default, then create a project called test:
    1. Click Configuration, then click Projects.
    2. Select Create and specify test for the project name.
    3. Click Yes to log in to the new project.
  2. Assign users the self service role in the test project:
    1. Click Configuration, then click Users and Groups.
    2. Select the user that you want to add and click Edit Assigned Roles.
      Note: If you do not see a user that you want to add, use the information in Configuring operating system users and groups to ensure that the user is visible to PowerVC.
  3. Add resources to the project. All projects share certain infrastructure elements such as compute hosts and storage providers, and others like networks might be shared, but images and volumes exist only in one project.
    1. Add the necessary network and storage resources. See Adding resources to PowerVC.
    2. Add an image by using one of these methods:
  4. Create a deploy template for the image added in the previous step. See Creating deploy templates.