Performing a rolling migration from PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.0, or later, to PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.1, or later

You can migrate from PowerHA® SystemMirror® 7.2.0, or later, to PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.1, or later, while keeping your applications up and running.

Review the following information before you perform a rolling migration:

During the migration, the new version of PowerHA SystemMirror is installed on each node in the cluster while the remaining nodes continue to run the earlier version of PowerHA SystemMirror. When your cluster is in this hybrid state, PowerHA SystemMirror still responds to cluster events. Until all nodes are migrated to the new version of PowerHA SystemMirror, you cannot make configuration changes and new functions are not active.

You can use the following steps to perform a rolling migration from your current version of PowerHA SystemMirror to the applicable upgraded version shown in the following table:
Note: The PowerHA SystemMirror graphical user interface (GUI) server does not work with clusters that have nodes with different versions of PowerHA SystemMirror installed. The same version of PowerHA SystemMirror must be installed on all the cluster nodes for the PowerHA SystemMirror graphical user interface (GUI) server to work correctly.

To perform a rolling migration from, complete the following steps:

  1. By using the Move Resource Groups option in System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), stop cluster services on a node that you want to migrate.
  2. Install IBM® AIX 7.1 with Technology Level 3, or later, or AIX Version 7.2, or later, on the node. When you install a newer version of the AIX operating system, a new version of Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology (RSCT) is also installed. Verify that the correct versions of the AIX operating system and RSCT are working on the node.
  3. Reboot the node by typing shutdown -Fr. When the node comes back online, it is running the new version of the AIX operating system and RSCT.
  4. Install PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.0, or later on the node. Verify that you are using a supported technology level of the AIX operating system for the version of PowerHA SystemMirror that you install.
    Note: You must first install the base PowerHA SystemMirror file sets for the new release you are migrating to and then install any corresponding PowerHA SystemMirror service packs. Do not mix the base filesets for the new PowerHA SystemMirror release and the service packs in the same installation directory because it might affect the order of installation and cause errors.
  5. Using SMIT, start cluster services.
  6. Verify that the node is available in the cluster by typing clmgr query cluster | grep STATE.
  7. Repeat steps 1-7 on one node at a time for each node in the cluster.
    Note: You must bring cluster services online on all nodes in the cluster to complete the migration process.